What if the gods never left us?

Welcome back for the final article in a four part series speculating the future of Guild Wars 2. If you are just joining you can find the previous articles in the series here, here, here and here. As I have mentioned in all of the other articles, this series isn’t speculating how successful Guild Wars 2 will be but taking a what if look at possible features or events in the lore ArenaNet could add. In this article I speculate the reappearance of the Six Human Gods in Guild Wars 2.

The Human Gods were a big part of the lore in Guild Wars. Not only were they the religion for the only playable race, but by the end of the third campaign it was revealed that much of the story in all three campaigns happened because of the gods. In Guild Wars 2 however, the gods have retreated from the world and have so little apparent impact that the Sylvari, an entire race that is only 25 years old, don’t even believe they exist at all.

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