What if there is a Sixth Dragon?

Welcome back to the second article in a four part series speculating the future of Guild Wars 2. If you didn’t read the first article you can find it here. As I mentioned in the first article, this series isn’t speculating how successful Guild Wars 2 will be but looking at what if they add some special feature or a special event happens in the lore. This week I will look at how a Sixth Dragon could open a path for the heroes of Tyria to explore Cantha.

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Five years of waiting…

I had first heard of Guild Wars around the time Factions came out in 2006. I must have thought the game sounded interesting since I ended up buying the original campaign a couple months later. What had returned my thoughts to the game and caused me to buy it however, was the fact that there was no subscription tied to the game.

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What if Guild Halls could fly?

With Guild Wars 2 coming out later this month I wanted to do a blog series in the weeks leading up to the launch.  This series is not meant as a telling of facts but more of a What If for things that could happen in Guild Wars 2 after its initial launch. This What If is not going to be any kind of “What if GW2 fails!?” but what if they add this feature or this event happens in the lore. This first article is directed at guild halls in Guild Wars 2.

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Master of All; Experienced in None

My first MMO was Star Wars Galaxies. One thing I really enjoyed that I haven’t truly seen in any MMO since was the idea that I was getting specific experience for doing what I did. Every game since has just given me generic experience as a solitary progression mechanic.

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