Master of All; Experienced in None

My first MMO was Star Wars Galaxies. One thing I really enjoyed that I haven’t truly seen in any MMO since was the idea that I was getting specific experience for doing what I did. Every game since has just given me generic experience as a solitary progression mechanic.

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PvP Reward Systems

On last week an article caught my interest. The article, titled “Are Rewards Essential To PvP?”, asked the issue of whether PvP rewards are essential not only in terms of TERA’s guild vs. guild PvP which spawned the discussion but in rewards for PvP in any MMO.

To answer this question I thought back at players I have played with in a variety of different MMOs. From what I see there are three types of players, the ‘Carrots’, the ‘Sticks’, and those in-between.
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