My name is Matt Adams. I have a degree in Game Art and Design, of which you can find a portfolio of my older art by clicking through to my Portfolio.

I am a Contributing Writer for ZAM.com where I write video game focused articles and interviews as well as my column The Scrying Pool. The Scrying Pool is a game design focused column that covers the MMORPG Guild Wars 2. In addtion to writing for ZAM, I run Mattsta.Ninja which is a small fansite that focuses on guides for completing new Guild Wars 2 achievements and content.

Outside of gaming, I work part-time as an Assistant Data Clerk for the local school district, filing information on students, translating unofficial documents into Spanish and creating and updating forms that run off of HTML and CSS.

I am currently trying to break into the games industry. What I love the most about video games are the enormous worlds created for them. This includes everything between the beautiful environments for players to explore and the deep lore one can get lost in. My favorite genres are RPGs and MMOs where the depth of world building really shines. All of this carries over to what I want to do as a game developer: work as part of a team to create amazing worlds including design, writing, art and QA.