My name is Matt Adams. I am pursuing a BS in Computer Science in Real Time Illustrated Simulations at DigiPen Institute of Technology. This will be my second degree, with my first being a BS in Game Art and Design.

Before DigiPen, I spent some of my free time writing video game focused news and editorials. For 2 years I was a contributing writer for ZAM.com where I wrote daily news blurps, interviews with various development studios on their upcoming games or content releases as well as my column The Scrying Pool, a game design focused column that covered the MMORPG Guild Wars 2.

As my time with ZAM started coming to a close, I decided to create my own fan site. Mattsta.Ninja was a small site that focused on guides for completing new Guild Wars 2 achievements and content, and later became the host for The Scrying Pool after I left ZAM. I originally started the site simply as a way to learn and discover how to make a website. When I was deciding what type of site I should make, my passion for Guild Wars 2 immediately drove me to create a resource for the community of the game I loved. While it was never an incredibly popular resource, I was always thrilled to know I had helped even the few friends and guild mates who messaged me their thanks for my site.

This diverse background is what makes me such a valuable resource to any studio that would be looking to hire me. At the base I have a cross-discipline education, that gives me a greater perspective on the different directions a team would be coming at a problem with. My time covering news and talking with developers gives me both the view of the developers talking to the public and also of the community and how they digest both the news and how that news is conveyed. Lastly, my editorials and fan site has given me real experience with the end user experience. How are my viewers digesting my content? How are they perceiving my opinions and how I phrased them? What signifiers worked for this tool on my site and which ones were users completely oblivious to?

For enjoyment, I really love the exploration of games. This extends both within a game exploring what a game has to offer as well as games themselves. There are very few genres of games that I don’t like, with fighting games probably being the only absolute dislike. My favorite genres would be MMOs (such as the aforementioned Guild Wars 2) and FPS. MMOs (and some RPGs) have those enormous worlds that draw out that great exploration over months and years. While FPS typically don’t have entire worlds to explore, I love how they are able to boil the experience down into the quick moment to moment engagement that leave you fulfilled after a short play session.

Thanks for your interest! If you are curious about anything else, feel free to hit me up on my Twitter, @MattstaNinja.